IDibuild – Soluciones Tecnológicas Profesionales

Maintenance plan and personalized technical support

We take care of keeping all the systems up to date, repairing incidents, advising on the operation of the network and the user system.

By implementing our progressive maintenance concept, we plan improvements and investments in computing to ensure optimal performance.

First, second and third level technical support

Infrastructure management

Progressive computer maintenance

Traditionally, IT companies offer corrective maintenance, which is limited to resolving issues.

At IDiBuild we carry out preventive maintenance to anticipate problems and minimize the number and duration of computer breakdowns.

We support the company in its IT development, so that its infrastructure adapts to the needs, and you can always get the most out of it with a planned investment.

Computer and server management

Monitoring of critical environments

Maximum control and transparency

Customers use our tool to communicate the incidents they detect in their facilities, which also allows them to keep track of all the assistance that technicians provide to resolve them. This way they have full control, and in real time, of our actions and our response time.

Our customers have total control, in real time, of our actions and our response time.

Update and backup management

Managed security

Immediate response

Having a maintenance contract means having a faster response to your problems - because we know your network and because they have top priority when they have critical breakdowns. Because you have a large, organized team, the response time for critical breakdowns is minimal.

We have a large and organized team, so the response time for critical failures is minimal.

Reporting on IT assets